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You have heard the reports that older cars cause air pollution. You may also have heard that cars contain a variety of toxic liquids that can pollute our waterways when they leak into the soil. There is no doubting that the growing number of cars in the world has had many adverse effects on the surrounding environment, some of which are rarely brought to light. Did you know that one of the biggest pollution problems that cars cause occurs after they stop running, are scrapped, and sent to the landfill? The metal from old vehicles that finds its way into landfills begins to rust and deteriorate in the soil. Every time it rains, water flows down through the landfill and is contaminated as it comes into contact with the metal. The water often carries these contaminants into larger bodies of water which can effect the overall health of our drinking water. The solution to this problem is simple—recycle your car!

Its not always easy to insure that you’re old car is recycled responsibly. That is where we come in. At Cash For Cars Oklahoma, we will buy your junk car based on its recyclable value and make sure that it is recycled in an environmentally friendly way.

What is a “Junk Car”?

The term “junk car” covers a wide variety of vehicles. One way to define a junk car is by age. It can be difficult to maintain old cars when their parts are no longer in production or when most mechanics no longer have the experience necessary to work on them. If a very old car begins to break down and it is not possible to keep it in working order, it may be considered a junk car.

The same is true of cars with high mileage. Once a car has a driven a large amount of miles, everything in the car begins to experience general wear and tear. As soon as one part is fixed or replaced, another one breaks. This can become a very expensive cycle and often times it is not worth it to maintain such a vehicle.

A vehicle can also be considered a junk car after it has been in an accident. If the body damage that the car has received renders it unsafe to drive and the repairs necessary to restore it are higher than the cost of a new car, its time to give us a call!


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